The American and The Brit ~ Unsolicited Advice

K.A. Young writing under pen name Kate Young has joined forces with her hilarious PA Julie Bromley to bring us a comedy that you won’t ever forget.

Life isn’t easy.

Just ask American born Phoebe Hawkins and British born Lizbeth Bates, two insecure women in their mid twenties who are trying to stay positive in the face of their own awkwardness, chaos, and utter humiliation.

Friends for nearly ten years, Phoebe and Liz are well aware that neither of their brains possesses a filter. After Liz moves from the UK to America the two accidentally land jobs at an up and coming media company that is testing their very own version of a modern day Dear Abby/Agony Aunt advice column.

Laughter, tears and inappropriate behavior follow as the two desperately try to live up to their role as The American and The Brit.


YES!!! This is happening! I twisted Julie’s arm up her back (she didn’t complain too much) and we’re having so much fun writing this together. We’re hoping for a May release, so stay tuned.

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Stacey and Van’s story was too good to let slip, so I’m currently writing their story in a Nephilim Warrior Series Novella…Stay Tuned!!



More Molly Maddison will be coming your way in 2015 too.