DarkCravingIt’s a new era where vampire, werewolf, warrior and those of sorcery all reside in one community. Mona, the adopted daughter of Elise Michaels has always been dutifully obedient even into adulthood.

As new information regarding her birth comes to light, ghouls created by a faction of rogue sorcerers are discovered as they seek to destroy all supernaturals except for Mona. As suspicions regarding her loyalty arise, she must learn to navigate life by her own set of rules. Amid the pandemonium, she is drawn to the vampire Tyrant, son of Torch and a sorcerer from the rogue faction.

Torn between loyalty and passion, Mona must strike treacherous bargains and make desperate pacts to save the supernatural community from utter destruction. To whom will she turn when her dark craving becomes necessary for her mere survival?