It’s release day! I apologize that our Blood Moon party has been cancelled. Jewels and I have worked so hard to arrange a release day party for everyone to thank you for your support. We had guest authors attending who were willing to throw prizes your way. We had fun and games planned, lots of give-aways, excerpts, teasers…everything. We had been planning and promoting this party for weeks, we had over 300 attending, which would have made for a really successful release day party and both Jewels and I were excited to be doing this for all of you…but, late last night, I was hacked and someone thought it would be really funny to cancel the party. We tried desperately to get it back up, but couldn’t. It was too late to set anything back up and we’re sorry, but this was taken out of our hands. We will however set something up soon to thank everyone for their support.

The show must go on and Blood Moon is AVAILABLE NOW!!! If you have pre-ordered you should already have your copy, but if you haven’t, here are the purchase links.


It’s easy to fight for what you believe in. Elise Michaels walked away from the exciting life as a paired sorceress to the last female warrior to live a life for the Coven she had once despised and hasn’t looked back. She’s accepted her wolf, a gift from her mother and now has become part of a pack.

Elise Michaels would do anything to save the ones she loves. As the most powerful Sorceress of her time, she’s already fought and defeated deadly attacks from the human alliance seeking to expose and destroy the supernatural world.

Now a new war has been exposed and the only way Elise believes that she can defeat this deadly force of evil is to bond herself to the powerful Sorcerer Garrett Hayes, but even their fiery bond is tested by betrayal.

The line between friend and foe is blurred and an alliance with the wolves now comes with a price. On the cusp of the Blood Moon, an epic battle against dark forces will cause Elise to decide what her and her ward Mona’s ultimate survival is worth.

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I hope you enjoy Blood Moon. Kate xox