It’s easy to fight for what you believe in. Elise Michaels walked away from the exciting life as a paired sorceress to the last female warrior to live a life for the Coven she had once despised and hasn’t looked back. She’s accepted her wolf, a gift from her mother and now has become part of a pack.

Elise Michaels would do anything to save the ones she loves. As the most powerful Sorceress of her time, she’s already fought and defeated deadly attacks from the human alliance seeking to expose and destroy the supernatural world.

Now a new war has been exposed and the only way Elise believes that she can defeat this deadly force of evil is to bond herself to the powerful Sorcerer Garrett Hayes, but even their fiery bond is tested by betrayal.

The line between friend and foe is blurred and an alliance with the wolves now comes with a price. On the cusp of the Blood Moon, an epic battle against dark forces will cause Elise to decide what her and her ward Mona’s ultimate survival is worth.



His chest heaved, as he gazed longingly at me. He was having an inner struggle with his other nature, and I could feel what his wolf wanted to do, at the mere mention of Garrett’s name he wanted strip me naked and claim me. Hard. My body instantly responded, my nipples hardening to stiff points as he shoved me against the outside wall. He lowered his head, taking in my scent. His nostrils flared as he scented my arousal. “You tempt me every damn time with your luscious scent.” He growled huskily as he slowly licked the spot on my neck he wanted to sink his teeth into. My hands braced themselves against his muscular chest, understanding perfectly that if his instincts took over there would be nothing I could do to stop him from claiming me. As powerful as I was, since my wolf and I had merged, any attempts to summon magic against this force would be futile. This terrified and excited me, I was beyond conflicted. Another slow lick and I froze as I felt his teeth against my flesh, razor sharp canine’s, then I felt my skin give and a small pop was audible. I should fight this, I should wield my power and cast him from my body but instead, I wrapped my arms around him pulling him closer. Then leaning my head to the side exposing my jugular to him in submission and waited as my breath came in short pants. Part of me wanting him to go ahead and claim me, putting an end to this insane rollercoaster we’d all been on. Surprising me, he pulled back his teeth were instantly out of my flesh and lapped at the small wound. When his head lifted, his eyes were hooded and he appeared much more in control. This side of Enrique was irresistible to me. Reaching up I dug my fingers through his hair and pulled his head down roughly as I slammed my mouth to his. Shoving my tongue inside his, something I knew he found provoking. Playing with fire, I groaned relishing in the taste of him. Aching to have him inside me, my hands slide between us, fumbling with his fasten of his jeans. He pulled my hands from his pants and stepped away from me breaking the kiss. We both stood there staring at each other, desire written all over both our faces. He brought my hand to his lips and kissed them softly. “We have too many unanswered questions between us now. My wolf can’t take much more, I’ve got him on a short leash and it won’t hold much longer.” His voice was thick as raspy. Dropping my hands, “When you offered your neck up to me, I nearly gave in. If I had, it could not have been undone.” His words shattered the moment. He was offering me an out, he knew how I’d hated my choice being taken away as a child. How I would have despised him later having the mating bond happen this way. I looked away.


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